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Strange Green Blobs Found in Andes Mountains are 3,000 Years Old

Strange Green Blobs Found in Andes Mountains are 3,000 Years Old

High up in the Chilean Andes mountains lies the Atacama desert, isolated from civilization, strange green blobs are every where.....and they've been there for over 3000 years. http://proxyponder....

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The Andes - The Most Beautiful Mountains - Mendoza, Argentina - (English - Full HD)

The Andes is the longest continental mountain range in the world. It is a continual range of highlands along the western coast of South America. This range is about 7000 km (4300 mi) long,...

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Peru - From The Andes To The Amazon HD

The Incas built Machu Picchu around 1450, but abandoned it a century later at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Although known locally, it was unknown to the outside world before being brought...

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Andes Mountains

An Overview Script: Lynette, R. (2011). South America. Monterey, CA: Evan-Moor Educational.

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The Andes: World's Longest Mountain Range

Tucked away in the high reaches of the Andes mountains, along the border between Bolivia and Peru, lies one of the highest regions inhabited by people anywhere in the world. Here in the \

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Flying over Andes Mountains

This is what it looks like not long after sunrise on a clear day flying from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina - a quick hop over the Andes Mountains.

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MEGA LOW MOUNTAIN FLIGHT on KLM B777-300! Approach: Andes mountains into Santiago, Chile [AirClips]

Flight Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile in special Orange-paintscheme aircraft. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, legally Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V., is the flag carrier airline of the...

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How is Bus Travel in PERU? A Journey to the Andes Mountains

Taking the bus first class from Lima, Peru to Arequipa in the Andes Mountains. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? \

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Formation of the Andes Mountains

Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com To be used in a class project.

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Άνδεις Η μεγαλύτερη οροσειρά στον κόσμο The Andes The longest mountain range HD

Με μία έκταση 7.500 χιλιομέτρων από τον Βορά ως το Νότο, οι αλυσίδα των Άνδεων είναι η μεγαλύτερη οροσειρά...

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Hiking Glaciers in the Andes Mountains - Journey in Chile | 4K

Adventure in the National Park \

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Hiking in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador: Quilotoa Lake & Surroundings

Visit the Black Sheep Inn Ecolodge: www.blacksheepinn.com Florie travels through Latin America assisting hotels with a responsible state of mind to enhance their marketing while collecting...

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Andes Mountains, LAN Chile Santiago-Buenos Aires, South America

4 minutes to cross the Andes Mountains in a Boeing 767. Spare a thought for the ppl on the film Alive, and if an emergency decompression in flight and the pilot has to descend to 10000 ft...

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Exploring PERU: Awesome Andes Mountains Bus Journey

Driving through the incredible Andes mountains of Peru from Cusco to the tiny village of Ollantaytambo, near Machu Picchu. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? \

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Relaxing Music - \

Thank you to all those that share, like and comment upon the music. Polite Note: please do not listen to the music with a laptop on the bed, I'm told they can overheat, thanks. Stay safe. Download...

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Plate Tectonics Travelogue - Andes Mountains

This video is a travelogue on the Andes Mountains. There will be descriptions as well as explanations on the formation of the Andes' formation, the geographical structures of the area, and...

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Flying above the Andes mountains

Flying from Lima to Cuzco and some spectacular views of the Salkantay Andes mountains, some of them more than 6000 metres high. Landing at Velazco Astete Airport, Cuzco. Music: Exploration...

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Fly over Andes mountains (Peru)

Fly over Andes mountains (Peru) aerial view of andes mountains The Andes are the longest continental mountain range in the world. They are a continuous range of highlands along the western...

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Peru: the beauty of life in the Andes mountains

Trip through Peru: Machu Picchu, Cusco, Titicaca Lake, Lima and Arequipa.

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The best instrumental music from the andes

PLEASE SUSCRIBE, comment and share it TO UPLOAD MORE... THANKS The best instrumental music from the andes - Artista : Chano Díaz Límaco Kifer Santander.

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Alpacas of the Andes Mountains in Peru | Unframed by Gear 360 | NowThis

Alpacas thrive in Peru's rugged Andes Mountains. Their yearly haircuts make for some of the softest, most durable, hypoallergenic wool in the world. In the Peruvian town of Chincerro, women's...

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The Andes Mountain Range

The Andes Mountain Range.

finds a user from United States, OH on Jan 5, 2015
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Music of the Andes

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Flying over the Andes Mountains into the Amazon


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Ancient Knowledge and Music from the Andes Mountains, Peru

http://www.StarKnowledgeConference.com The Willkasara Family shares ancient knowledge and music of the Andes Mountains in Peru at the 12-12-12 Star Knowledge Conference. Ancient Knowledge.

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Babies & Children of the Andes Mountains

http://www.adiosadventuretravel.com, While traveling through Ecuador and Peru, you can't help but notice the children. Students at the San Jeronimo school in Cusco shared songs about their...

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This live music video is about the magic sound of the andes , song created for the incas to share to all the world . Inka Gold use Quenacho flutes , Toyos Bass flutes , Quena , Pan flute and...

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Andes Mountains Peru on Google Earth

Google earth Apple's Imovie and Garage band plus a few hours on the Ipad.....copyright fee Video!!

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The long history of the Andes

Did a biblical-scale flood—or the rise of the Andes—give the Amazon its amazing biodiversity? Read more: http://scim.ag/vid_6260.

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Cuenca and the Andes Mountains of Ecuador

A tourist couple's personal account of travels in and around the old colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Their travelogue offers useful insight to future visitors seeking an active schedule and...

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Bolivia: miracles in the Andes Mountains

Trip to Bolivia with visits to Salar de Uyuni (world's largest salt plateau), La Paz (capital of Bolivia), Potosí and Sucre.

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